A puppy was found tied to a street pole in the Milnerton area with what appeared to be an engagement ring attached to its collar as well as a pendant around its neck, causing much speculation.

Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation, which aims to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abused animals, took to Facebook to seek out the dog’s owner. Many residents commented on the organisation’s Facebook post with various theories as to what the puppy was doing there decked out in jewellery.

The puppy was found with a necklace and ring around its neck.

Some speculated that the dog could have been part of an elaborate engagement plan or anniversary gift, but the real reason is rather unexpected and unusual.

The dog was found wearing this necklace.

Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation told Cape Town ETC it was found that the dog belonged to a homeless woman who wanted her pooch to look pretty and had left him temporarily tethered to the street pole.

We’re told the dog will be returned to the lady today and so the great mystery of the jewellery-wearing hound ends here.


Picture: Facebook/Cheryl Lyn’s Rescue Organisation

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