A post circulating on social media, is warning the Milnerton community to be extra vigilant for break-ins after a dog was poisoned in Ceres Road.

Karin Stuart posted about the incident on a local Facebook group. Her mixed-breed dog had consumed pieces of poisoned vienna sausage placed in their front garden. She found some of the sausages with opaque granules inside them.

Fortunately, the dog was rushed to Panorama Animal Hospital and is doing well after an overnight stay. She reported the incident to the Milnerton Crime Watch who said that the family had now been targeted for a break-in. She said they were trying to find CCTV footage to possibly identify those who placed the sausages in her garden.

“I am really scared now. For myself and for my family and our animals safety,” she said in the post.

Rusty’s Rescue CPT, a local animal rescue group, put out Stuart’s post with tips for dog-owners to help avoid malicious poisonings.

“Please be very vigilant of anything lying around your gate or walls/fences.. preferably do not let dogs out into front gardens or driveways that are accessible to the road without checking the area first & don’t leave them unattended,” they said.

They also advised keeping activated charcoal at home just in case it appears your dog has been poisoned to assist while you take them to the vet.

“If you do find any suspicious looking food, do NOT throw it away- it’s evidence,” they said. 

Cape Town experienced a rise in dog poisonings last year. Those poisoned intentionally are usually guard dogs who are outside at night. Bunglers poison the dog to allow for easier access to the property. 

If your dog has been poisoned and it is after work hours, there are only four vets in the city to take them to:

Panorama Animal Hospital – 021 930 6632

Cape Animal Medical Centre – 021 674 0034

Belmont Road Veterinary Clinic – 021 685 7750

Tygerberg Animal Hospital Bellville – 021 91 911 91


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