A dog belonging to a Mitchells Plain family underwent extensive surgery when he was senselessly shot in the back by children.

We had hoped that it would be a very long time before we felt compelled to share yet another post about an innocent family pet being senselessly shot but that was not to be as our Theatre team was once again scrambled into action to save the life of a Mitchells Plain pensioners beloved dog callously shot multiple times whilst minding his own business in his own back yard,” said the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS)

“What makes this case disturbing is that we strongly suspect that Blackie was shot by a group of ‘spiteful kids’ as his owner put it who had somehow managed to lay their hands on a powerful pellet gun with the intent of shooting and maiming innocent animals.”
Blackie was shot in the back (Source: Supplied)
According to AWS, forensic evidence suggests that the shooter took deliberate aim intent on causing Blackie maximum pain and suffering. One pellet penetrated Blackie’s back, narrowly missing his spine while another hit his right front leg. This left him temporarily incapacitated and reeling in pain.
Blackie’s family brought him to AWS for treatment after he was shot in the back by children (Source: Supplied)

“There is ample empirical evidence to prove that children who are cruel to and hurt animals grow up to become heartless killers and abusers. With this fact in mind we need your help to track them down and hold them accountable before they can get an opportunity to hurt and kill again,” AWS said. “Blackie is a little survivor and will go on to make a full recovery but we will not rest until justice is served.”

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