Dogwalkers are urged to be extra cautious when out and about with their pets in the Tokai Forest, as a baboon named Buddy seems to have established himself in the area.

According to Parkscape, Buddy (also known as Tony or TK57) tends to roost in a pine tree on the field on the southern edge of Tokai Forest most evenings and moves variously between the forest and suburbia during the course of the day.

While NCC Environmental Services monitors appear to be with him whenever possible, Parkscape continues to issue various safety warnings to urge locals to be vigilant to prevent any incidents.

“Again, we urge dogwalkers to please leash their dogs if they are made aware of the presence of Buddy or any other baboons. This may entail being requested to do so by fellow dogwalkers, a member of the Parkscape team, or by warning paintball shots fired by the monitors,” they wrote on Facebook.

“Leashing your dogs is requested not to curtail your freedom of enjoyment of the forest, but for the safety of both your pet and the baboon. The onus and responsibility lies with dogwalkers.”

SANParks regulations require all dogwalkers to not allow their dogs to chase wildlife, and to keep them under voice control or leashed, if not under voice control.

Should baboons enter your property or should you be concerned for their or your welfare in municipal areas, please call the City of Cape Town’s service provider, NCC Environmental Services, on the Baboon Hotline 071 588 6540.

Picture: Facebook / Parkscape

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