Parkscape is urging all dog owners who frequently visit Cecilia Forest to be on high alert following an increase in the number of baboon troops seen in the area.

According to Parkscape, baboon troops from Constantia have crossed Constantia Nek and are now more regularly sighted in Cecilia Forest. The troop has also been seen roaming around Overseers Cottage as well.

Dog owners are urged to keep a close eye on their pets and ensure they don’t attempt to chase or attack any members of the baboon troop, as it could lead to either the dog or baboon suffering serious injuries. A dog was bitten yesterday, November 21, after it chased a baboon.

If you are uncertain of how your dog will react to seeing a baboon the safest option will be to keep on your pet on a leash for the duration of your visit to the forest.

If you come into contact with a troop of baboons or live on the urban edge of Cecilia Forest and your property is raided by baboons, contact the NCC baboon hotline at 071 588 6540 for assistance.

SANSpark, along with the NCC Environmental Services, who regularly monitor baboon troops, are aware of the baboons’ presence in Cecilia forest and urge all visitors to be cautious when visiting the forest.

Picture Twitter/@ParkscapeSA

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