All assets belonging to Domino’s Pizza are now officially up for auction following an announcement from Park Village Auctions (PVA).

Items up for auction include equipment from the company’s food preparation factories and over 50 fully-equipped stores.

“Domino’s Pizza LLC [the US franchise company] provided financial support and assistance during this period. Unfortunately, a deal could not be concluded on terms acceptable to all parties and further financial support was not provided by DP. As a result, it was decided to place the respective entities into voluntary liquidation,” the company explained in a statement.

While the Domino’s licence and brand rights are no longer available, the contents of all stores will feature on the auction, including that of the 3 factories based across the Western Cape and Gauteng.

The auction was opened on Tuesday [July 21] and will end on August 5 at 12pm.


Picture: Twitter


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