Those who have chosen to remain loyal to DStv during lockdown will have to fork out a little extra from April onwards. The prices for the service’s packages will increase, but not too sharply.

“On a weighted average basis, we are looking at about a 2.4% increase across the base. We still have to pay most of our content costs in dollars and we have to try and manage the exchange rate as best we can. In light of a torrid year, to have kept it on average well below CPI [inflation] for the coming year is an achievement,” said COO of Multichoice, Simon Camerer.

The Premium package is expected to have the lowest increase, as its cost will rise by just 1.2%. Those who have the Family package will, however, face an increase of 5.7%, and this equates to an increase of R180 per year.

Those with the Access, Compact, or Compact Plus packages will pay R5 to R10 more per month. The ‘access fee’ for installation has also gone up by 5%.

Here is the breakdown of the full costs:

Picture: Multichoice

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Lucinda Dordley

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