The Multichoice Group has announced it will be terminating its contract with SABC Encore (channel 156) and Sundance TV (DSTV 108) from June 1, 2020.

In addition to these channels, it was announced in March that British pay-TV channel ITV Choice (DStv 123) would also be axed come June 4.

Sundance TV, an AMC Networks channel which launched in 2017 as a replacement for the AMC channel, faced low viewership due to its niche content. As such, it is being terminated.

“Though the contract between AMC Networks and MultiChoice has come to an end, MultiChoice is always looking for ways to enhance its offering to its customers – that includes ongoing research into possible new channels,” said DSTV in a statement. “We also constantly engage various content partners to add even more compelling content to our TV offerings for customers.”

SABC Encore has been a longstanding partner to the Multichoice group. The channel was launched in 2015 and plays reruns from the SABC archives. According to DSTV, the decision to terminate the channel is motivated by customer engagement.

“As Africa’s most-loved storyteller, we continue to engage and work with third party channel providers to leverage our technology and evolve in line with viewership trends to bring world-class entertainment to our customers,” said DSTV in a statement.

“We are always looking to improve our customers’ overall viewing experience. This is motivated by our drive to ensure that we listen to and respond to our consumers, basing our decisions on their needs that are identified through detailed research. This includes the content they receive, and ultimately the value-for-money offering they get.”

According to Channel24, SABC is looking into alternative platforms on which to provide their vintage content to audiences.

DSTV says they will continue to work with the SABC in new ways in the future. They will also continue access, where necessary, to classic SABC content on their channels, including subscription video on demand.

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