The SA Weather Service has urged motorists to drive carefully after a large dust storm was observed near Kakamas in the Northern Cape on December 23.

The storm will “most likely (be) reducing visibility over the N14 going towards Upington,” the Weather Service said in a statement. “Drive cautiously.”

The residents of Kakamas were astounded to see massive clouds of dust rolling over the town on Monday, December 23.

On the Facebook group Reënval in  SA, members posted pictures of the storm, expressing concerns for their own safety and that of livestock.

Credit: Annaleen van den Berg

Another user also added that the dust storm was later followed by much-needed rain.

Credit: Hester Heyns
Credit: Hester Heyns

Members of the group responded by commenting on the beauty of this natural phenomenon, others chiming in with jokes saying residents will need a “dry” sense of humour to cope with all the dust.

No significant damage has been reported as of yet.

Picture: Facebook/Petra van den Heever

Article written by

Anita Froneman