A family in Paarl are shaken after they were locked in a room and robbed by four men who broke into their home. The elderly couple and their daughter were home when they were robbed on Tuesday [December 1] evening.

Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) shared the incident on their Facebook page. They allege that four men violently gained entry to the living quarters and forced the couple to open their safe. The thieves stole a number of items, including phones and other electronic devices.

“The attackers dismantled the camera system and also took the recording device. The couple and daughter were then locked up in a room, while the suspects ransacked the rest of the house,” said DFW.

The robbers broke the glass door to gain access to the property.

Luckily, the couple were able to free themselves and used their DFW emergency radio to call for help.

“The DFW emergency control room operators took the call and within minutes a DFW medical crew as well as an armed response team accompanied by Fidelity ADT were on their way,” said DFW.

Paarl police were also notified and arrived simultaneously. Special trackers arrived soon after. No one was seriously injured and no further medical assistance was required.

DFW members patrolled the area and several leads are being followed up. No arrests have been made yet and the investigation continues.

Picture: Facebook / Drakenstein Farm Watch

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