An elderly woman has been arrested after she pulled a gun on Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members at Walmer Park in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday, September 8.

It is believed the woman was shopping at a Clicks when she was allegedly intimidated by EFF party members. A video widely circulated on social media shows her pulling out a gun as she is being escorted by shopping centre security staff. Many believe she was being intimidated and pulled out the gun in self-defense.

She was accompanied by another elderly woman when the incident took place.

She was arrested shortly thereafter, and EFF members have put a screenshot of her number plate on their Facebook page.

Social media users are divided by the incident, as many agree she should not have been intimidated as an elderly woman. Others believe it was unnecessary for her to pull a gun on the party members as she was being escorted by shopping centre security.

“I would also pull out my firearm in defence in that situation to get the ‘attackers’ to back off. It doesn’t make any sense to me, so they’re making it known that physical abuse is alright and if you try stop it you will end up in jail,” one social media user said.

“Watch carefully. People are shouting ‘take out your gun’, I think meaning take it out of the mall. So it seems like this woman has already pointed or threatened someone, and that’s why she’s being escorted out of the mall. Firearms not allowed in malls,” another said.

Picture: Screenshot/Twitter

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Lucinda Dordley

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