Residents are being urged to warn their elderly loved ones as a new scam aims to take advantage of them through false electricity check at their homes. A CapeTalk listener called in to share her experience of a fraudster that stole various items from her home under the premise that he was a City official coming to assess her meter and plugs.

Capetonian Rose Jackson said that a man knocked on her door stating that he was a City official and had come to check her home’s electrical layout under the pretense that she could receive a lower tariff once the inspection was complete. Jackson said the man looked very official, as he was wearing a yellow vest and holding a clipboard.¬†She did not feel the need to ask for ID.

She said he then made his way through her home checking all the plugs and then asked her to turn on and off the bathroom light, which was out of view from the main area of her home, while he stole her iPad, her new phone and jewellery.

Jackson said that it was only hours later that she only that things had been stolen and soon after she called the electricity department to investigate the unidentified man.

When she spoke to the electricity department, they said that a number of locals from various areas across Cape Town had also called to report similar incidents. Jackson said she went to Claremont police to report the incident but they were unaware of the scam and it being reported in other suburbs.

The City of Cape Town’s Phindile Maxiti urged residents to take note that no officials would visit their houses without due notice, and under no circumstances would they check electrical appliances or plugs.

Be wary of letting people into your home, and ensure you always ask for ID whether you have been notified of the visit or not.

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