The unfinished bridge located in Cape Town’s Foreshore has become an icon in its own right. Now, after nearly four decades, it looks like it may finally become the road it was destined to be.

As reported on Traveller24, Patricia De Lille’s five-year plan for the city includes a proposal to connect the bridge to the road that runs on to the N1, in order to relieve traffic congestion in the city. Another exit road would be built parallel to the N1 entry/exit road near the current Cape Yacht Club and Prasa and Transnet are both said to be on board.

De Lille’s spokeswoman, Zara Nicholson, told the Cape Argus, ‘This is an ongoing process which is still under way. The outcome of this process will determine the possible solutions to address traffic congestion, to name but one.’

The Cape Argus stated that, according to the TomTom global traffic index released in March, Cape Town was the most congested city in South Africa, ahead of Johannesburg. Motorists in Cape Town spend 152 extra hours a year behind the wheel due to traffic. That’s three extra hours a week that could be spent sampling the latest offerings on the foodie scene or exploring the great outdoors.  Anything other than sitting in traffic, really.

The bridge has become a hot spot for feature films and television commercials (remember the ‘I could reverse from here to Cape Town if I wanted to’ ad?) and has become part of the fabric of our city. But now it looks as if the finish is in sight for this local runway star.

De Lille is expected to reveal final plans later this month. Watch this space for more.

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