Eskom have said it foresees a low chance of load shedding for Monday and Tuesday after spending the weekend working to build up power reserves and bring generation units that tripped back online.

In a statement regarding load shedding schedules for the upcoming week, Eskom said that the return of these generation units to operation and low usage over the weekend has also allowed them to replenish their emergency reserves.

“At this stage we are encouraged by the system stability but request our customers to continue using electricity sparingly in order to help us manage the demand,”  it said. “This is particularly important as we get into a new week where demand is going to increase as industry and schools open.”

Fears over reaching the higher stages of load shedding are not entirely calmed, as the schedules beyond Tuesday were not confirmed. Rather, Eskom said “it would keep South Africans informed about the status of the power systems.”

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