The country is currently dealing with load shedding once again after the plague of power outages stopped in December 2018. What started as Stage 2 on Sunday last week jumped to Stage 4 this week and as of Tuesday was decreased to Stage 3. Locals may be in luck, however, as Eskom aims to eliminate load shedding by Thursday.

Eskom’s demand management Senior General Manager, Andrew Etzinger spoke to CapeTalk on Tuesday to give an update on how the electricity provider is handling the current power shortage.

Etzinger said that a smaller generator was expected to be online by 6pm on Tuesday and that the general outlook for the week has improved when compared to the challenges Eskom had originally anticipated.

He also confirmed that during this time Eskom is building up its diesel reserves and pumping water to the upper dams where the pump storage power stations are located.

Of the seven generators that went offline on Monday, six are already back online.

At a meeting between the Minister of Public Enterprises and Eskom’s board of directors and executive committee on Monday, all parties agree that the aim for the week was to halt load shedding and resume normal power supplies by Thursday.

Capetonians are crossing our fingers that the power supplier follows through and that the weekend ahead will be a brighter one.

The country is currently at load shedding stage 3. Check your schedule here.


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