If you thought stage 2 load shedding was the worst that could happen this weekend, think again. Eskom has announced it will implement stage 3 from Saturday, February 15 until Monday, February 17.

The power utility made the announcement on Saturday morning and blamed the move on a shortage of capacity and the need to replenish emergency reserves. They also reminded users of the increase in load shedding over the next 18 months as they are conducting critical maintenance to restore an ageing plant.

On Friday evening, Eskom implemented stage 2 load shedding, after announcing in the day that there will be no load shedding on Valentine’s Day. They said they had lost four additional units and had to shed power.

In their statement today, Eskom asked everyone to use electricity sparingly, and to switch off all geysers and other appliances during peak hours.

Visit www.SavingElectricity.org.za for tips to save electricity and follow load-shedding developments on www.capetown.gov.za/loadshedding


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