As Eskom grapples with the consequences of wildcat strikes, it has warned South Africans that load shedding may be on the cards for Tuesday’s morning peak period. The power utility may make use of rotational load shedding, and has advised consumers to use electricity sparingly.
“Customers are advised to keep checking their load shedding schedules on the Eskom or municipal website, and plan on the assumption that load shedding will take place,” the state-owned company said in a statement. “Loadshedding is conducted rotationally as a measure of last resort to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout.”
The power supplier said that it would advise the public on when the different stages of load shedding are required, including stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4 load shedding. This depends on the capacity shortage during the morning peak.
“We encourage residents and businesses to please use electricity sparingly to ease the demand of electricity. Please switch off geysers during the day especially during peak periods (05:00 to 10:00 and 17:00 to 22:00) as well as all non-essential lighting and electricity appliances to assist in reducing demand,” Eskom said.
Stage 1 requires 1000MW to be rotationally loadshed nation-wide, stage 2 requires 2000MW, stage 3 requires 3000MW and stage 4 calls for up to 4000MW to be rotationally loadshed nationally.
The wildcat strikes that have been affecting Eskom come as a result of workers demanding a salary increase of 12%. 
Initially, the power utility offered their workers a 0% increase, but has now taken to sitting down with the various unions representing its workers to come to an impasse. The workers are demanding that the 12% salary increase be added to their annual salaries, as well as a once-off bonus that forms part of a wage settlement.
This wage settlement is yet to be concluded, as workers demand that this comes two months after negotiations between their employer and unions come to a close.
To check view the load shedding schedule, click here.
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