Members of security and essential services in the Somerset West, Gordon’s Bay and Strand areas drove around in convoy on the evening of April 25 to show their appreciation to the communities for their support and receive appreciation in return.

Organiser Wayne Heylen, rapid response unit manager at the Vetus Schola group, said the convoy was made up of 30 to 40 vehicles which stretched out over 1km long as part of the COVID-19 essential services appreciation patrol.

Members of the Vetus Schola, Vetus Schola Rapid Response Unit, Vetus Schola Strike Team, Somerset West SAPS, GB Sec, GB Med, GB Sec Special Ops, HCW, Tracker, Traffic, ER24, FADT, AM, Secure Rite & Gordons Bay SAPS all participated.

Heylen explained that the patrol was intended to show visibility and thank the communities for adhering to lockdown rules and staying inside. He also said it gave those in Strand, Somerset West and Gordons Bay the opportunity to thank the essential service security and safety workers for their efforts.

“I want to say thanks again to the community for their appreciation for coming out and shouting, waving, flashing their house lights and torch lights,” said Heylen.

The convoy is planned to happen every Saturday evening along different routes in each town. Residents will be told what the routes will be so they know when to come out and cheer.

Watch the convoy in action:

Picture: Wayne Heylen/Facebook

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