We are days away from Level 6 water restrictions – which will go into effect in Cape Town from 1 January 2018.

It’s time for Capetonian’s to familiarise themselves with what the new restrictions entail.

From 1 January onwards, water usage greater than 10 500 litres a month will be classified as excessive, and water management devices could be fitted at households exceeding that limit. If that household has a valid reason for exceeding the 10 500 litres limit, they would need to apply to the City of Cape Town to have their quota increased.

“With the average household size in Cape Town closer to three people, much can still be done to ensure that we are not queueing for water in March or April 2018,” said Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille.

“The daily water usage limit will remain at 87 litres per person per day, wherever you are, unless targets continue to be missed as is currently the case. We would then consider lowering usage targets further.”

De Lille also said that in order to preserve the “precious groundwater resource”, the new restrictions discouraged the use of borehole water for outdoor use.

She also noted that about 200 000 households were still using more than 10 500 litres a month.

“Our hot and dry summer is here. We are not going to be given many more chances to really reduce our water usage. We have to do it now. We can avoid Day Zero, but only if we work together,” added De Lille.

According to the City of Cape Town, Level 6 water restrictions include:

  • Agricultural users need to reduce usage by 60% compared with the corresponding period in 2015 (pre-drought)
  • Borehole water use for outdoor purposes is discouraged in order to preserve groundwater resources
  • Commercial properties need to reduce usage by 45% compared with the corresponding period in 2015 (pre-drought)
  • Excessive water users will be fined.
  • No hosing down of paved surfaces with municipal drinking water.
  • No irrigation or watering with municipal drinking water allowed.
  • No use of portable play pools.
  • No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats with municipal drinking water allowed.
  • Private swimming pools may not be topped up or filled with municipal drinking water.
  • Residential units using more than 10 500 litres per month will be fined or have water management devices installed on their properties.
  • Use no more than 87 litres of municipal drinking water per person per day whether you are at home, work or elsewhere.
  • Water features may not use municipal drinking water.

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