The Cape is home to over 3 000 recorded rock art sites in the Cederberg Mountains which boasts more sites per square kilometre than any other area in the world. Now you can explore these sites depicting the culture of the indigenous San and Khoe people through virtual tours online.

The Virtual Rock Art Tours were created so that people can explore these incredible sites without having to travel out to them and to enrich the experience with enhanced photography, commentary and drone footage. You can explore two trails, one on Warmhoek farm, southeast of Clanwilliam, and the Sevilla Trail which runs along the Brandewyn River. 

You can explore the area with incredible, clear panoramic views of the art, accompanied with explanations that you would receive on a guided tour.

‘The Sevilla Rock Art Trail offers some of the finest examples of rock art in the district and a fascinating glimpse into the world of these early inhabitants,” says the Virtual Rock Art Tours website.

The fieldwork for both tours was carried out by Stephen Wessels and Nic Wiltshire. Wide angle, high resolution panorama images have been captured of the rock art sites located along the Sevilla and Warmhoek trails. These individual images have been stitched together to create panoramic images for each of the captured positions. These have been created into a panorama tour using 3DVista.

The images have been improved to highlight pigments that are no longer visible to the naked eye. This means you can see more of the art than you would be able to in person.

The Warmhoek trail is also supported by audio and text commentary by Professor John Parkington from UCT’s archaeology department, giving deeper insight into the paintings, their meaning and the current state they are in.

Explore these incredible sites here.

Picture: Virtual Rock Art Tours website

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