The lead-up to Valentine’s Day may not be the best time for those who have recently gotten out of a relationship. It’s even worse when you have no closure from your ex. A zoo has a plan to change that, however – you now have the option of naming a rat after your ex and having it fed to a snake on the international Day Of Love.

The event will be hosted by the San Antonio Zoo, which is located in Texas. Called “Cry Me A Cockroach”, the event will also have roaches which will be fed to animals at the zoo. It will cost you $5 to have a roach named after your ex fed to a zoo animal, while a rat will cost $25.

Donors will receive a certificate that declares the animal officially named after their former partner. The names must be submitted to the zoo’s official site before 6pm on Friday, February 14, and only first names will be displayed during the feeding process.

The zoo stipulates that no live rodents will be fed to the animals, and that they are already frozen when delivered to the farm. The roaches, however, will be alive and are sourced from professional roach breeders.

“How much would it cost to feed my ex to to your animals?,” one Facebook commented on the zoo’s post.

“Is this going to be done on a live stream? I don’t live in San Antonio but I really do want to see this,” another user commented.

While it’s the first time the San Antonio Zoo is hosting an event like this, other zoos have had similar ones.

Last year, the El Paso Zoo hosted ‘Quit Bugging Me’, in which they fed cockroaches named after exes to their meerkats. They’re hosting the event again this year, only this time, they’ve expanded to feeding other animals, like orangutans and rhinos.

Director of the El Paso Zoo, Joe Montisano, has vowed to eat one cockroach for every $1000 the promotion raises. $7000 has been raised thus far.

Picture: Pixabay

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