The residents of Somerset West have been warned to beware of a flasher in the area after several locals took to the Somerset West Community Group to complain about the man, who is often seen with a dirty, dark grey Isuzu bakkie.

“Darkly tanned man, seems as if he tends to approach women in the neighborhood while they walk to work,” one resident of the area posted in the Community group. “Then he pretends to ask them for directions and as soon as they come closer, voila!”

In the comments, another resident told of a similar incident.

“I had a guy flash me in the parking lot by Crafter’s Inn,” she wrote. “I reported him, he was also in a white vehicle bakkie type. I didn’t know what to do. Normally I’d throttle someone doing that, but when it happened, I looked and then looked again – couldn’t believe it! I just looked ahead for security and there was no one around. I reported it at the store. Totally freaked out.”

Somerset Police said they have not had any cases opened or had anyone come in to officially complain about the flasher.

Picture: Twitter/Somerset West Vibes

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