If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down? Only if you really need to.

Flushing ‘when absolutely necessary’ and two-minute showers are measures the City of Cape Town have urgently advised residents to adhere to in the face of the worst drought in over a century.

With dam levels dropping to just over 19.7% this week (effectively 9.7% as the final 10% has been deemed unusable), the City’s grip is tightening on residents and their 666 million litres of weekly usage. “One shower and five flushes of an average-sized toilet will push a person over their daily allowance, and this is not even taking into account other necessities such as drinking, cooking, and washing of clothes and dishes” the City confirmed yesterday.

The Mayoral Committee has recommended a blanket ban on the filling up of pools, washing cars and irrigation with drinking water. Capetonians are reminded to only use water for cooking, washing and drinking.

Rainfall is predicted for late next week, and forecasts are projecting a substantial amount. Having said that, this is Cape Town and the weather has been known to famously display all four seasons in one day, so let’s hope the predictions come true to help alleviate the situation – if only a little. Any downpour from the heavens would be graciously welcomed at this point.



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