Businessman Liyaqat Parker, who is the founder of the Foodprop Group, was kidnapped from his offices in N1 City on Monday morning. Police are now investigating a case of armed robbery and kidnapping.

Speaking to iOL, police spokesperson, FC Van Wyk, said five unknown male suspects kidnapped Parker as he was driving into the basement of his offices at 9.10am.

An unknown light duty vehicle (LDV) allegedly followed Parker into the basement parking. At the gate, the suspects forced the security guard into the bathroom, locked him up and took away his cellphone. The suspects then loaded Parker into the LDV and drove off.

This is not the first time a prominent businessman has been kidnapped in Cape Town. A year ago, in July 2017 – Sadeck Zhaun Ahmed, owner of Zhauns Business Opportunity Machines – was kidnapped outside his business in Salt River.

He was eventually returned to his family in October without any ransom, as his abductors were concerned about his ‘deteriorating’ health.

In 2016, prominent businessman Naushad Deshmukh Khan was kidnapped outside of his business in Athlone. Khan is the owner of Khan’s clothing store, and was returned to his family two months after being abducted.

After his return, both his family and police remained tight-lipped about the kidnapping.
Picture: Pixabay

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Lucinda Dordley

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