The SPCA removed two dogs from a property in Parow Valley after viewing video footage of two pre-teens abusing the dogs.

The dogs, Boots and Blaze, were legally removed under a warrant by Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutshe. According to the SPCA, they found footage capturing the two pre-teens “kicking these dogs, dragging one by his tail and attempting to push a stick up one dog’s anus.”

Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutshe rescued the dogs. Credit: Facebook/SPCA
Boots will need lots of time to recover. Credit: Facebook/SPCA

The SPCA is especially concerned about this video because evidence has shown that many violent criminals begin their careers with animal cruelty.

“This footage left us fearing not only for our animals but our communities too because it is well documented that a large portion of violent criminals begin their [criminal] careers with animal cruelty. Years of research by sociologists, psychologists and criminologists support the statement that there is not much of a leap between cruelty to animals and violent crimes against people.”

The SPCA is opening a case of animal cruelty against the two boys in the hopes that they learn a hard but valuable lesson in the process.

They also urge parents to teach their children love, compassion and respect for animals, as this will go a long way towards raising adults that are valuable, contributing citizens and towards creating a kinder world for us all to share.

Please continue to report animal cruelty by calling 0217004158/9 or emailing [email protected] during office hours or calling 0833261604 afterhours.

Picture: Facebook / SPCA

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