The first forest fire of the season lit up on October 1 when a runaway fire broke out in the Wellington area and grew beyond control after being fanned by strong winds.

The Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) team quickly arrived on the scene after the owner of Farm Welgegund asked for assistance with a serious fire on his farm.

“For unknown reasons, a fire started in a forest and quickly turned into an inferno. The strong wind did not bode well and soon the area was alight,” DFW explain on their Facebook page.

“The DFW fire fighter group control room called Drakenstein fire and Cape Winelands fire to assist. The smoke could be seen miles away. The DFW responded with a 4×4 fire truck and 2 4×4 SUV units and many DFW team members also rushed to the scene to assist the DFW member and his farm.”

The fire was attacked from different angles and soon contained, thanks to the assistance of multiple firefighter teams from different entities.

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Picture/s: Facebook / Drakenstein Farm Watch

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