City Traffic officers arrested three men yesterday for suspected involvement in a forgery operation. The officers were conducting an operation in Milnerton when they recieved a tip-off about fraudulent driving licences being sold at an internet café in Koeberg Road.

“They followed up, and found a stash of fraudulent driver’s licences, vehicle licence discs, temporary driving licence template, false bank statements, marriage certificates and asylum documentation, amongst others,” City spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout said. “Officers also found R12 000 in cash.”

Fraudulent driving license (Source: City of Cape Town)

All of the evidence was handed over to Maitland police, where an arrest was made by a traffic officer the previous day for a fraudulent driving licence that could be linked to the case.

“In August, the City’s Metro Police Department made a similar bust in Gugulethu,” Bezuidenhout added.

Source: City of Cape Town

Officers followed up information about suspected false motor vehicle license discs being issued from a backyard printing and internet shop, and ended up seizing a number of computers, documents and even templates for everything from medical certificates to identity documents, passports and salary slips.

Picture: Pixabay

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