Residents in the Atlantic Seaboard area were recently warned to be cautious and aware of a scammer in the vicinity – a masked man named “Alex”, according to JWI.News’ Facebook page.

“A masked man is going around ringing doorbells, identifying himself as Alex. He will state that he is the neighbour’s gardener,” JWI.News said. “He will make references to the fact that they are going to cut trees/bushes from next door and that the tree/leaves will fall on your side of the property.”

Once he gains entry to the home, he asks for an electrical lead and steals items when the homeowner goes to fetch it.

The Camps Bay CSI has also issued a warning to residents to be extra wary, as more reports have emerged of this scam.

“Please be vigilant as we have received information of a person approaching residents with the story that he is “the gardener from next door and needs to check that the branches he is cutting won’t damage anything if they fall in your yard”. After being given access to your property he steals any small items he finds lying around,” wrote Camps Bay CSI in a Facebook post.

“Should someone arrive at your door with this story, please immediately let WatchCon know by using Buzzer or phoning +27214382000”

In early January, The Milnerton Crime Watch group on Facebook warned of a very similar scam where a conman tries to gain access to properties under the guise of being a gardener.

“There’s a conman moving around Milnerton central again wanting to gain access to properties to ‘trim trees for the neighbour’. Do NOT allow him access. Please call MCWT immediately. If you need to get someone to access your neighbours’ property walk next door with them and introduce the guy and ask permission. No exceptions. Please take note of the above and keep safety first,” they said in a post.

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