Four people have died following a fatal gas leak at a plastic recycling plant on Tuesday afternoon.

The City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Services responded to the call in Birch Road, Beaconvale in Parow at approximately 2.17pm.

“Reports from the scene indicate that workers had become trapped in a dump [tank] and waste collection pit and were suffering the effects of toxic gases,” Shawn Herbst, a spokesperson for NetCare, said in a statement. “Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services crews had to use breathing apparatus as well as set up a rope system to retrieve the patients.”

Upon closer inspection, paramedics found that four workers had died as a result of fume inhalation. Two more were found in critical condition, while another worker sustained moderate injuries.

The four deceased workers were found submerged in recycled water inside the factory.

“Circumstances leading up to the incident are unknown but will be investigated by the relevant authorities,” Herbst said.

Crime scene experts and members of the provincial disaster management team were also on the scene, and an inquest case has been registered for further investigation.

Picture: Pixabay

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