A protest was headed up by George councillor Virgil Gericke on Saturday, August 1. Those living in the area participated in the peaceful protest, as there are allegations that homeowners are planning to privatise Victoria Bay.

Victoria Bay is a small, beautiful beach, hidden between George and Wilderness. The Outeniqua Tjoe-Choo steam train used to pass through Victoria Bay daily, taking passengers on a scenic train ride between George and Knysna. This train, however, is no longer running. Victoria Bay is a small resort made up of a number of cottages clustered around the waterfront.

There are also natural paddling pools amongst the rocks.

As reported by SABC News, the Garden Route District Municipality says the natter is under investigation. 

“They first need approval before they can do earthmoving, before they can do construction on site there and also the issue of public participation is a major issue to us. Because that beach does not only belong to the residents of Victoria Bay but that beach belongs to the entire South Africa,” said Gericke.
The protesters met with the homeowners’ association to discuss the matter as well, and a follow-up meeting has been scheduled.
Picture: Garden Route District

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