The 67 Blankets Organization has broken a world record following Nelson Mandela Day with the world’s longest crotchet scarf. This achievement has earned them a spot in the Guinness World Records on 30 July.

The organization formed in 2013 and was spurred on by philanthropist Carolyn Steyn as she was determined to complete the challenge of sewing 67 blankets in honor of Nelson Mandela Day, celebrated annually on 18 January.

The team of crotchet sewers achieved the Guinness world record as the blanket measured over 27 kilometer’s shared in a recent Facebook post by 67 Blankets.

The length of the scarf was built to measure the years that Nelson Mandela face imprisonment.

The scarf measured a total of 29.1 kilometers and broke the previous record set by Mother India’s Crotchet Queens, a women empowerment organization who crotched a 14,089 kilometer long scarf.

67 Blankets laid out their masterpiece in Howick, in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands on 29 July. The scarf was created in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

Facebook/Jaco Lötter

Crafters and members of the public were called on to get involved in the creation of the scarf masterpiece via a Facebook post, to set the world record and help the needy.

The collection of scarf started from early February and had to be submitted by 6 July to allow for ample time to construct the giant scarf. Each scarf needed to be measured at 20×200 cm  to reach Guinness World Book requirements.

Steyn shared with TimesLIVE,  “We are South Africans‚ we love a challenge and we know we can beat India in the Wool Cup because this is Mandela’s centenary year. Why not pay tribute to him in this way?”

Participants from all over the world have gotten involved in the creation as Steyn shared,”We have also had participants form India‚ UK‚ Australia and the United States‚” said one of the organisers‚ Annie Grealy. They had been receiving scarves to help with their record-breaking attempt from across the country.

67 Blankets has broken a world record before as they are hold the record for the largest hand-knitted, non-crocheted blanket that measured at  1,378.28m².

Each scarf that was donated and used in the creation would be donated to the poor and returned to their province as shared by Steyn.

Picture: Facebook/Bridget Van Oerle

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