Following a spate of robberies, Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) has decided to beef up security on its busses. The Service has installed security cameras and panic buttons, as up until February 2021, there were six and seven robberies per week.

According to GABS spokesperson, Bronwynne Dyke-Beyer, the Service has worked with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and other law enforcement agencies last month and they have noted a difference.

“Based on its highest average number of six to seven weekly robberies, the joint integrated operation saw an initial reduction in incidents of 40% and a further 40% in the last two weeks,” she said. “There hasn’t been an incident since March 8 and on that same day, through the excellent teamwork of our safety and security manager, a passenger and SAPS, suspects were arrested. Crime is not something that we can tackle alone and there’s acknowledgement from SAPS that these are crimes which they are prioritising as part of their constitutionally mandated role to prevent, combat and investigate crime. There has to be a concerted effort from the authorities to assist us and that is what we are seeing now.”

As reported by IOL, Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) spokesperson Jandré Bakker said: “Public transport remains one of the main modes of transport people use to access social and economic opportunities. The safety of all road and transport users is a top priority for the Department of Transport and Public Works. DTPW is cautiously optimistic about the reduction in incidences of robberies. We have remained supportive of initiatives to improve safety on public transport and the installation of technology in buses will undoubtedly contribute positively to the fight against criminal activity on public transport.

“The use of technology will allow the collection of real-time data and will allow law enforcement agencies to identify trends and respond to said trends and hotspots.”

Picture: Golden Arrow Bus Services

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