Google has announced the launch of Google Go, a brand new app which will allows users to search and browse the web, while incurring less data charges.

According to Google Africa’s CMO, Mzamo Masito, Google Go is designed to address the issue of too much data consumption while growing the web, and also provide a seamless experience irrespective of the device or network the user uses.

The app will take up less than 5mb of space on the user’s device, and will use minimal data to download. It also makes use of Google’s most advanced compression algorithm, using up to 40% less data to display search results.

Search results will also be cached on the device so that previously visited sites may be quickly accessed, even when when the user is offline. This will be done without incurring any further data charges.

When there is no internet connection, Google Go will retry failed search requests in the background and will notify the user when the search results have been retrieved. Web pages will also load much quicker, even in data-saving mode or on 2G internet connections. For the user, this means a lighter and much speedier way to search requests in the background.

The home page icons also make it easier and faster to to discover new content, and the Google’s voice search feature has also been improved to work better on slower internet connections. The search bar widget can also be added to the user’s home screen to for fast and easy access to what is currently trending.

Google Go is available today in 26 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa through the Google Play Store for devices running Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above, and will come pre-installed on all Android Oreo (Go edition) devices.

In other news, Google will also be launching a new, more simplified design for its Gmail interface soon. New features will also be added, such as a Smart Reply feature, the ability to snooze emails, and offline email support.

The company, however, is not revealing what the new Gmail design will look like. The redesign will be available in the coming weeks as an early-access programme for G Suite customers.

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