Gordon Ramsay is infamous for being among the meanest chefs in the world. However, his sharp tongue was defeated by some of Durban’s hottest spices.

As part of his National Geographic series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted which was released in June 2020, Ramsay travels around the world making culinary delights each area is known for and experiencing new flavours.

In Season 2, episode 2 he makes his way to Durban to learn more about the  incredible cuisine found along this coast. Durban is well known for its curry and it appears Ramsay’s palette wasn’t prepared for some really hot spice.

In a clip that has recently been circulating on social media, Ramsay is encouraged by a spice store owner to try some of the spices. He seems nervous at first before reluctantly giving in to the owner, who is incredibly persistent.

“Nobody died from tasting but maybe you’ll be the first,” she says.

After dipping his finger in and tasting, Ramsay quickly exclaims about the heat and coughing. The shop owner carried on unfazed about the poor man’s predicament.

The shop owner continues to fill a spice packet up for Ramsay to take home, including a “skop and donner” spice.

Watch the clip here:

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