Great white sharks have been missing from the Cape for more than a year now. Many have wondered whether this can be attributed to the presence of Port and Starboard, two Orcas often spotted swimming through the waters here. Orcas are known to hunt Great Whites, eating only their liver and leaving the rest of the carcass as is.

“A surprise was lurking in the bay for the Marine Dynamics team and guests today in the form of a stunning Great White shark. This happened to be a very well known shark in the Gansbaai area going by the nickname Mini Nemo. This male is one we have documented yearly since 2012,” Marine Dynamics said in a post via their Facebook page. “During the time we have seen this shark he has become a favourite for crew, volunteers and guests lucky enough to meet him.”

Mini Nemo is one of ten Dyer Island Conservation Trusts (DICT) Iconic Great White sharks that has been sponsored by some of their visitors. The shark was spotted there on Monday, February 17.

“Welcome back to the bay Mini Nemo,” Marine Dynamics said.

Picture: Kelly Baker/Marine Dynamics/Facebook

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