Green Point Market fans please note, it is relocating to the P4 parking area of the Green Point Athletics Stadium. The park was previously moved due to construction on the Cape Town Stadium and surrounding Green Point Urban Park.

The P4 parking area met a number of requirements – it is attractive, safe and secure, easily accessible, and supports the historical and environmental area.

The City of Cape Town appointed an interim Market Facilitator to oversee the return with a focus on providing an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable comeback.

“The first and most important task was for the facilitator to do a call-back of all historical traders who were a part of the original market. Thus far, a total of 98 former trades were identified and have been verified. The next phase of the programme required the coordination and facilitation of a workshop to develop a vision, market management model and structure for the market in conjunction with the trader organisations,” says Mayco Member for Urban Management, Grant Twigg.

“The City has received the close-out report from the facilitator and will now embark on a process to implement the market. This would entail the approval of a trading plan for the Green Point Market.”

Twigg explains that the market’s return was a collaborative process. The City of Cape Town consulted with trader organisations to select the new venue. Traders also submitted a lay-out plan which will help form the basis for the development of the Green Point Trading Plan.

The next step is for external stakeholders to review the proposed plan and provide input. These comments will be included in the Subcouncil report for October 2019, followed by a report to the Mayoral Committee which will be served before full council in December 2019.

The City of Cape Town and the traders will jointly manage the market under the Hybrid Management Model.

The market will initially begin with 200 vendors although there is space for 300. Twigg hopes to have the market operational by December 2019.

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