We always knew there was something special about Green Point Urban Park. It’s beautiful, rich in biodiversity and filled with cool things to do. You can picnic, walk, cycle, gym, play or simply relax with your family or friends. It’s really an awesome place. Turns out the the City of Cape Town agrees with us. They have nominated Green Point Urban Park to be a provincial heritage site.


According to Traveller24, the city council Heritage Western Cape wanted to nominate landmarks that tell a historically inclusive and unifying story. The Green Point Urban Park and Track, which forms part of the greater Green Point common, is one of the few places that meets this criteria. It was home to nomads, herders, sportspersons, soldiers, caregivers, convicts and slaves alike.


The City hopes that a heritage status will allay fears of  excessive commercialisation, disposal and attrition of the most precious components of the original site. The City’s own Heritage Impact Assessment has stated that the Green Point Common was of a high heritage significance. For City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Councillor Johan van der Merwe, the park is a richly layered reflection of Cape Town’s history. This shows that the area should be conserved and protected so that we can all continue to enjoy it.


‘The Green Point Urban Park is one of the City’s most inclusive open spaces as it reflects diversity and provides a beautiful recreational area for residents from all over Cape Town to come together and enjoy. It is for this very reason that the City aims to protect this area so that Capetonians can continue to embrace the beauty of the urban park and history of the area for generations to come.’
We fully agree with Minster van Der Merwe, the park is one of the nicest family places in Cape Town and we would like it to be protected, so we can continue to enjoy it in all its glory.

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