Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, has arrived in Cape Town today and will remain in the harbour until Sunday, October 20.  This forms part of their expedition to provide a platform for deeper engagement and dialogue in understanding national climate and ocean issues.

Greenpeace aims to create awareness around pressing environmental issues and educate people worldwide.

Climate and Energy campaigner for Greenpeace Africa, Bukelwa Nzimande, told  oceans faced a crisis from climate change, plastic, mining and overfishing, and these threats were growing bigger and more urgent every day, reports IOL.

“The Arctic Sunrise docking in Cape Town is symbolic of the need for a larger commitment to protect the oceans and fight the climate crisis, and will further illustrate the rich and plentiful marine life in southern Africa,” he added.

“The Cape hosts unique and diverse ecosystems, which are a bountiful resource for fisheries and associated fishing communities, and all of them need to be protected.”

The ship will host local communities affected by industrial overfishing and climate effects at a storytelling event, and would be open to the public all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Thereafter, it will embark on a three-week voyage to Seamount Vema, somewhat 1000km north-west of Cape Town.

Picture: Instagram/simonclivehughes

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