With lockdown being the new normal, social distancing and self-isolation are a daily practice in the lives of South Africans. Some people have defied the rules and met up with friends despite the strict rules.

Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams is an example of this. President Ramaphosa placed her on special leave for two months, with one month unpaid, following allegations that she left her home to visit a friend, ignoring lockdown regulations.

A Sea Point resident posted on the local Facebook community page to share an incident that had occurred in their apartment block. A group of around 10 people had gathered the previous evening and on Sunday morning [April 19] police were on the site. It is unknown who reported the group to SAPS.

Gatherings are strictly prohibited under the Disaster Management Act.

“Every person is confined to his or her place of residence, unless strictly for the purpose of performing an essential service, obtaining an essential good or service, collecting a social grant, pension or seeking emergency, life-saving, or chronic medical attention; (ii) every gathering, as defined in regulation 1 is hereby prohibited, except for a funeral as provided for in subregulation (8)”.

The anonymous man, who posted the incident in the group explained that the police had first gone to their apartment in search of the group. Officials then proceeded to the next floor where the 10 people were gathered in an apartment.

As a result, the group were all escorted off the premises and loaded into the back of a police van. It is not yet known if the group was arrested and detained or taken to the police station, fined and released.

Image: Facebook/ Sea Point Community
Image: Facebook/ Sea Point Community
Image: Facebook/ Sea Point Community
Image: Facebook/ Sea Point Community

Cape Town Etc reached out to SAPS Sea Point for comment but did not hear back in time of publication. 

Image: Unsplash

Article written by

Imogen Searra