South Africans are no stranger to domestic and intimate partner violence. But South Africa is not alone in experiencing unacceptable levels of violence against women. In Turkey, a memorial erected in 2019 aimed to highlight the significant number of women killed by their husbands in the country.

The 440 pairs of high heels placed in rows along the side of the building represent the women killed by their husbands in Turkey in 2018.

The artist, Vahit Tuna, chose the sides of the building rather than inside an art gallery because he wanted to draw attention of those walking past every day, not just those who would choose to visit an art gallery. The artwork covers 260 square meters with pairs of black heels of all styles.

The placement also reflects the custom of placing the shoes of a person who has passed away outside of their house as a symbol of mourning.

“I think this (installation) creates awareness and is something that influences people and makes them think,” he told Reuters. 

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