A devastated grandfather, 70, was arrested for speeding to say goodbye to his dying wife. The man, from Heidveld, was left heartbroken in a holding cell on Wednesday, reports IOL.

He received a call from the doctor after noon who informed him that his wife was dying. Naturally, he rushed to the hospital.

“I can’t even remember but I drove fast to get to her so she didn’t have to be alone,” said Arnold Tembo.

After being arrested, he begged to be released so that he could make it in time to see his wife, Joan, 74.

“I have not seen her for almost a month now. We were both diagnosed with Covid-19 and the last time I saw her, they were wheeling her away from me,” he says.

“She got water on the lungs and had to be taken to Groote Schuur Hospital and for the past two weeks, she was at Lentegeur Hospital.”

Arnold went on to say that the incident has left him traumatised.

“We have been married for 36 years and I just wanted to be there to hear her last words.

“The cops pulled me over at the intersection of Vanguard Drive and the R300 and arrested me.

“They were rude and arrogant and didn’t even want to listen to me. They just arrested me and took me to Manenberg Police Station.

“They let me out after three hours and when I got to the hospital, the doctor just cried with me.”

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