A family in Heideveld, Athlone was left in shock after they found bits of a surgical glove in a pizza that they had ordered from Pizza Time in Gatesville.

A report by IOL said that Zain Moos bought the pizza, which was a mix of a gheema steak with chicken and apple for his family on Thursday last week.

His daughter, 21, suddenly noticed something when she took a bite, and when she looked at it, she realised it was a piece of a glove.

“She felt so naar (nauseous), because she did not know where it came from, how it got there, and who was wearing it before that it made her throw up,” Zain was quoted as saying.

He said he took the pizza back and demanded his money back after efforts to speak to the manager failed.

Several people have died in the past after ingesting and choking on latex gloves.

Irish Times reported in 2010 that a 67-year-old died in hospital after ingesting a glove the Waterford Nursing Home.

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