After some locals expected load shedding to draw to a close on Thursday, Eskom has announced that power outages will still continue from Thursday, February 6  and possibly into the weekend.

The power utility company announced on Thursday, February 6 that load shedding will definitely continue until Friday with a high possibility of more outages on Saturday and Sunday.

Eskom says the need for more load shedding has risen from a high demand for electricity and a shortage of capacity. The company reminded locals yet again that load shedding will indeed be around for the next 18 months on and off as they continue to conduct maintenance and restore the ageing plant to good health.

They also said that higher stages of load shedding are on the cards, although the power utility will continue to ensure power is provided during peak traffic hours to avoid extreme congestion in some areas.

An unplanned power breakdown occurred at 6am this morning and critical maintenance is being done to ensure the systems return to working order.

Picture: Pexels

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