Just a few days after its reopening, locals and tourists are being advised to avoid using the new main Lions Head spiral trail after the Table Mountain Watch revealed several “safety issues” in the existing infrastructure.

The Table Mountain Watch, a local organisation, took to social media to encourage locals and tourists not to hike up the trail until an assessment of the structures on the trail can be done.

“We are alerting everyone to possible unsafe conditions on the new Lions Head trail. Please avoid until proper and professional assessment can be done.”

Images captured and revealed by the Table Mountain Watch show that some of the key infrastructures are damaged.

Table Mountain Watch, the stairs on Lions Head

Hikers have captured images of “shoddy” trail mechanisms such as the chains located on the hiking trail.

Chain damage

Hikers who hoist themselves upwards rely on the chains located around the mountain, with these being possibly faulty it poses as a serious risk.

The red demarcated area showcases that the trail is “unsafe”.
Considered as dangerous, the path leading downwards is considered a hazard for hikers.

There is visible “wear and tear” on the hiking framework and some repairs have not been completed.

SANParks Head of Communication Wanda Mkutshulwa told 70 that access has been closed to the areas shown in the images above due to the poor work carried out by the contractor.

The popular hiking trail reopened on March 1 after more than two months of refurbishment, and one trail still remains closed to the fire damage. Mkutshulwa went on to add that an engineer will give the go-ahead before it is safe for hikers to use the main trail again.

“It is not yet completed. We are also not happy and that is why we have said he must come back and bring with him an engineer of a person who can certify that it is safe to use.”

The contractor will provide a certificate that will certify the trail as safe for public use again.

The Western Cape Government Minister of Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture has responded to the images shared on social media and is calling on the Table mountain National Park to address the issue with urgency.

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Picture: Table Mountain Watch, Facebook

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