The Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) was activated early on Saturday evening after a pair of hikers climbing in the Du Toitskloof mountains made their way to such a high point that they could not find their way back down.

“They climbed themselves into a point where they were unable to go up, down or sideways as they believed that they were no longer safe. Their position was more than a six-hour walk from the closest accessible point which made it impractical to dispatch a rescue team at the time,” WSAR spokesperson Johann Marais said. “The safety of the rescuers also played a role. We had cell phone communication with them and when there was not enough daylight within which to fly a helicopter to their location we made the decision to send the chopper early on Sunday morning.”

The hikers were very cold after spending a night outdoors in the frosty winter air, but were not injured.

“The AMS helicopter contracted to the Department of Health of the Western Cape together with members of WSAR suitably qualified as technical rescuers, hoist operators, communication and members of EMS,” Marais added.

Picture: Facebook/Kevin Tromp

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