Hikers are urged to be extra cautious in the Lower Tokai conservation site, as there has been a report of suspicious activity in the area.

Parkscape received a security alert on Thursday, October 8 of a woman being followed while walking alone.

“We received a security alert in the last hour of a single female walker being followed by two suspicious males into the fynbos from the lookout deck. Fortunately quick action by Parkscape and Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch patrollers meant that Premier Security patrollers were able to stop and question the two men. This intervention ensured that the men then changed direction and left the area,” they explain in a Facebook post.

They request that residents not walk alone, and especially not during off-peak times.

“The impact of Covid lockdown has resulted in a surge in criminal activity. For your own safety, please stick to walking at peak times, and if you must walk during off peak hours, please do not walk alone. Please always be aware of your surroundings while out walking.”

Parkscape, along with SANParks, Kirstenhof Crime watch, Premier Security, Tokai District Riding Association and Law Enforcement, will be conducting an area-wide security patrol on Saturday, October 17.

Picture: Facebook / Parkcape

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