Nature-lovers have eagerly been taking to the Mother City’s mountain trails and national parks ever since it was announced that hiking is allowed under Level 3 lockdown.

Take Back Our Mountains (TBOM), an organisation created in response to the escalating spate of attacks on hikers, runners and cyclists on the Cape mountains, has made a statement warning eager residents to remain conscious of the current climate and put safety first.

“As much as we are keen to explore and render our appreciation for nature and our mountains we must maintain a heightened consciousness about the seriousness of the coronavirus and at all costs abide by the rules and regulations for lockdown Level 3 as outlined by Government and the SANParks,” TBOM founder Taahir Osman writes on their Facebook page.

“The fundamental principle around which the #TBOM movement originated and continued to lobby around was that of people’s safety. It would therefore be amiss from us if we do not proceed with this mandate within the context of the COVID-19 and once again put safety and the lives of people first,”adds Osman

Osman urges residents to remain unselfish to help manage the spread of the virus. When hiking mountains, Osman advises following these precautions:

– limit the amount of people in the hiking group as much as possible

– wear a face mask (especially in areas where there are narrow paths and spacing and contact is unavoidable)

– travel with sanitiser

– maintain social distancing

“Hike leaders should be knowledgeable of the people in their groups. It may be advisable to attain the necessary background and screening information prior to embarking on a hike,” adds Osman.

“Let us act responsibly and adhere to the regulations. Let us put our lives and those of others first. As much as we love the outdoor, Let Lives Matter.”

Picture: Pixabay

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