Table Mountain may be the city’s most popular spot among hikers, but is also arguably one of Cape Town’s crime hotspots. At least five muggings have transpired within area in the space of a month, and a local security body has decided to tighten up security to help all those who use the mountain to feel safe again.

The Table Mountain Security Action Group has cautioned hikers to always be aware of which areas they choose to explore. This follows an attack on three hikers who were robbed in the Newlands Ravine areas last Thursday. One of the victims was stabbed in the incident, and the group had also recorded more than 40 attacks on hikers since the beginning of 2018.

“To this end, and we have pointed this out before, please do not operate on your own in the Park. Just don’t. Anywhere. The word is out. We are lucrative, soft targets,” another group, Table Mountain Watch, warned hikers. “Start working together. Join clubs and groups and help each other. Don’t stop doing what you enjoy doing, but do think very carefully about your safety, your friends and your families.”

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with last week’s attack, and police are still on the hunt for the fifth suspect.

The group also noted that there have also been a spike in car break-ins in the Constantia Nek area, as well as the beginning of the Devil’s Peak trail (which starts at the end of Tafelberg Road) and Silvermine East parking areas.

Hikers and cyclists have been urged to park their cars in the main parking area, which is in full view pedestrians, as well as traffic and car guards.

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Lucinda Dordley

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