Tom Ro Haven is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that does amazing work in providing homes for neglected, abused and unwanted horses. While rehabilitating these downtrodden equines, they also provide a safe space for underprivileged children to develop skills to work with these animals.

Founded in February 2012, by a group of people – including Gillian McCulloch, Stephanie McCulloch, Sherilyn McCulloch, Marion Walker, Cydne Laatz and Wendy Moulder – the Tom Ro Haven usually houses 17 rescue horses and ponies.

“The Haven battles with monthly costs and we rely mostly on the public for support, we do not receive government funding. The Haven runs various campaigns in which you can get involved and we are so grateful to everyone that has supported us thus far, we still have a very long way to go,” their official Facebook page reads.

The Haven not only helps rehabilitate horses and ponies, but also helps individuals who have been through traumatic experiences and suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety work through obstacles by employing animal therapy.

One of the horses who is being rehabilitated at the Tom Ro Haven (Source: Tom Ro Haven)

“So many people are not aware that we help victims of human trafficking, the women that come to us have been so traumatised that the horses really help to heal them. We have had some major break-throughs on the farm and it is the most extraordinary thing to see how the horses help them,” the organisation said. “We are so blessed that we are able to offer these sessions to victims and we know that what we do and the horses are doing is really changing so many lives.”

As the Haven does not recieve governemnt funding, they rely solely on donations to stay afloat. If you would like to contribute to help them, their banking details are as follows:

Bank: Standard Bank

Name: The Tom-Ro Haven for Equines and Children Account

Number: 332 772 136

Branch: Blue Route Branch

Code: 025609


Picture: Tom Ro Haven/Facebook

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