With the eight and final season of HBO’s wildly popular Game Of Thrones drawing to a close, many avid fans are planning on hosting finalé parties – but how does one go about celebrating and commemorating the conclusion of a show this epic?

Here is some inspiration to help you host a party befitting of such a momentous occasion:


No matter the type of party, whether a fancy dinner party or plain old GoT-themed jol, you’ll need a setting that is appropriate. The Gold Dragon coins don’t grow on trees however, so hosting a full-on medieval-banquet-style gathering may be out of the question. For a cheaper alternative, a room with dim lighting, a roaring fire or candles and faux fur throws should do the trick.

If you want to go the extra mile, think about mounting (fake) heads on a spike as a tribute to the very events that began the long and bloody battle for the Iron Throne (remember Ned Starke’s beheading?).

Party Food 

Think medieval feast food – pigeon pie, giant turkey legs, ale in goblets. You can also play around with some simple dishes with GoT-pun names, such as ‘Theon’s Sausage In a Blanket’ or ‘Little Chicken Fingers’.

Party Attire

Fancy dress is preferred, but those who do not wish to do so can simply wear a Westeros-inspired T-shirt. Spice it up by wearing a T-shirt with the sigil of the house you think will finally take the throne.

Party Themes

Game of Murder Party

This is a Westerosian twist on the classic murder mystery party. Everyone comes dressed as their favourite Game of Thrones character. One character unexpectedly dies, leaving everyone else to figure out the mystery of who’s behind the evil doings in King’s Landing. Then another character dies. Then another. And another. And another…

The Night’s Watch All-Nighter

Essentially, this is a Game of Thrones marathon. Pull a 24-hour shift watching the best episodes in the build-up to the premiere of the new season (don’t try to watch the whole show, however).

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